Equipment Leasing & Financing


United Capital Partners (UCP) establishes Master Lease Lines of Credit for companies, giving them access to multiple take downs throughout the year and simplifying the process and reducing the logistics of projects that work with multiple vendors. UCP can also provide capital against assets currently on the books as a source of growth capital for companies looking to access capital locked within depreciating assets.


Venture Debt


UCP offers Debt Financing, first-time financing, leveraged buyouts, management buyouts, divestiture financing, D.I.P. (Debtor-In-Possession), financing for rapidly growing companies, and assisting in acquisitions and mergers. These products include credit facilities and non-amortizing term loans in amounts of $1mm to $40mm. UCP's offerings are extended to a broad cross section of software, biotech, semiconductor manufacturers, hardware/software distributors and service providers.


Asset Based Lending & Factoring


Asset Based Lending (ABL) refers to loans secured by a wide variety of assets. Businesses can borrow money using the liquid, current assets of the company (such as a plant, property, and equipment) as collateral. UCP relies on the underlying collateral to mitigate the credit risk inherent in the underlying loan. 

Factoring is a simple, debt-free way to access the cash tied up in your accounts receivable. 
Factoring is not a loan, so there is no monthly repayment obligation. Instead, by selling your invoices to us, you can bridge the cash flow gap between invoicing and collection without incurring debt. In the process, you effectively turn over the management of your invoices to us, which lets you focus on the business of business, not administering collections.


Subordinated   Debt

Subordinated Debt can be utilized if there are assets on the balance sheet that are not collateralized by a senior lender, but senior lender is unwilling to extend additional monies/credit. A Secondary Lien, subordinated to Senior Lien holder, is placed on the assets, with similar structure to an Asset Based Loan (as covered above).Bridge financing is a vehicle that provides an interim solution for companies that are low on cash or between funding rounds. UCP places a Blanket Lien on all company assets and bridges to a liquidity event or sales/cashflow situation. These include the next round of equity, profitability, buyout of stock by another company, etc. At this time, the bridge may be retired and paid off via equity funding, buyout, etc. or expanded into an asset based term facility or revolver for new debt. The latter option is available if an asset base may be collateralized or other credit considerations become a factor.


Short Term Bridge Loan


Sometimes companies need short term capital to achieve their goals. This generally means they need access to funds immediately and for a short period of time; to perhaps execute on a contract or have a short runway while they complete an equity raise. In these instances, UCP structures short term 1 to 2 year interest only working capital lines that are structured quickly and have very creative and open repayment terms.


Purchase Order and Contract Finance


If your company is growing, or you have received large orders that put a strain on your working capital, factoring can give you the cash you need to increase marketing and sales, buy inventory and expand. It is also attractive to companies that have experienced financial setbacks but maintain quality accounts receivable..